Selling Your Home

Once you publicly list your property, an automated process begins. Within seconds, the photos and description of your home will appear on websites all over the world. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of e mails will be generated, letting potential buyers know that your property is available. Every modern real estate company, from franchised mega-giants to single-operator storefronts will have access to the information about your house. Pretty great, isn’t it?

Of course this magnifies the time-honored maxim which states that you only have one chance to make a first impression. These pages are dedicated to helping you ensure that your house is ready for this level of exposure, and that it will shine in the spotlight which the internet will focus on it the moment it listed.

cambridge ma home salesA successful sale depends on several factors:

Location of the property, property size, amenities, condition, presentation, timing and pricing. While location cannot be changed and while property size and amenities can be difficult and costly to modify, you, the seller do have control over the last four factors, and they can and usually do make all the difference between a highly satisfying sale and one that fails to meet your expectations. The following information is intended to bring give you some insight into how your decisions in these matters will impact the way a prospective buyer sees your house.

For most sellers, a successful sale means a satisfactory selling price and a reasonable time the property spends on the market before it sells. This is best accomplished, when the presentation of the property encompasses a compelling aesthetic, a welcoming, warm and livable aura that evokes powerful feelings of desire in a visiting buyer. We are fortunate to live in an area with strong buyer demand and a property which successfully addresses a buyer’s emotional core and which is properly priced will frequently sell for well above, in some cases for hundreds of thousands of dollars over its list price. Unless your personal or professional circumstances dictate otherwise, it is worth your while to start planning the marketing of your home some months in advance and to use this time to prepare your home for maximized curb appeal and interior presentation. Advance planning also allows you time your home’s appearance on the market to coincide with the spring or fall market before it peaks. Price it correctly. Now sit back and enjoy energetic buyer interest and one or more attractive offers.

Your Historical Homes agent will be glad to help you optimize your home’s presentation, timing and pricing to enable you to realize those desirable results. The following pages address the four marketing factors under your control in greater detail, and outline the sales process as it impacts you, the seller.

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