The Renovation Program

neglected cambridge ma house

Long neglected house received complete redesign & renovation.

What is the Renovation Program?

For many years, the Historical Homes team has enabled property owners to greatly add to the value of their homes and investment property by performing judiciously conceived and carefully executed renovations, redesign and updates.

These updates can be as simple as updating the appearance of an old kitchen with new cabinetry, counter-tops, appliances, tile work, lighting and floors, or more complex restorative intervention, right up to full-on, comprehensive gut-renovations involving a complete redesign of the space and function of an obsolete building.   The cost of these renovations can range from under $10,000 to many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Likewise, the purpose and application of our renovation program varies from client to client.  We have designed and provided updates for home buyers who found a house or condominium that largely worked but left some wishes unfulfilled.  Conversely, we have had seller-clients who wanted a chance to invest a fixed amount of work and updates into their property prior to putting it on the market, and who wanted to reap resulting  appreciation that would be a multiple of the amount invested.  We have even been approached by relatives and friends of clients who have bought or sold homes with the Historical Homes team and who have taken advantage of the renovation program before or after doing so respectively.  These friends and family members saw the dramatic transformation to the property in question and wanted similar results for themselves.

cambridge home nextLastly, the Program works wonderfully for both full-time professional and amateur property developers.  Please review our “Developing Property” section to learn how that process functions.

renovated cambridge ma home