Historical Homes, Cambridge MA

cambridge ma historical home“Dedicated to you”

Thank you for choosing to explore this website. The internet revolution has enabled you to access nearly limitless amounts of information concerning every imaginable aspect of property ownership.

Unfortunately, this frequently means dealing with confusing, cluttered web pages. We have worked hard to make this website as easy to use as it would be to turn a door handle. So please take your time and enjoy.

Historical Homes was created to provide you with an alternative to large, franchise real estate companies that seek to span the globe. In place of layers of corporate bureaucracy, we offer a direct, personal approach that puts you, our valued client at the center. Think of us as you would your favorite boutique or local coffee shop down the street, rather than a¬†superstore. Our operating philosophy couldn’t be simpler: Let’s make this easy and fun!

Thomas von Zabern
Office: 617-354-1143 Cell: 617-817-4098