Buying Your First Home

cambridge ma historical home designBuying Your First Home Before you start considering the technical details about purchasing a home think about some basic personal questions. Where do you work? How long short a commute would work for you? If you could live in any neighborhood of your choice what would be its defining characteristics? Would it green and leafy, or more urban in character, with restaurants, shops and transportation clustered nearby? Would you feel most at home in a charming house, or are the conveniences and services in a larger condominium building more important to you? Do schools systems matter to you? Will they likely do so in the upcoming years?

As you consider questions such as these you may have a specific town or neighborhood in mind. If not, you may find our town profiles in Appendix B helpful. They give you data on population, services, schools, transportation and recreational amenities as well as photos.

Next, consider what you are prepared to spend. If you are not sure of your price range, think of what would be a comfortable monthly housing budget. Using that figure, we can help you determine your price range. Also ask about income tax advantages that are made available to you once you own a home and which will effectively make the home more affordable. Lastly, it is essential to talk to a lender before you begin your search. This enables you to start your search with a loan pre-approval. Once you have located the home you want, it provides tangible proof to the seller that you have taken the time to be vetted by a lender. It lets the seller know that you are focused and serious. We have a list of trusted, discreet lenders who will be glad to help you with this process. Click here for a list of lenders.

We would strongly recommend that you start out with an informal client/agent meeting. This provides a private forum in which you can ask any and all questions about the home buying process. Buyers who have had such a meeting enter the process with considerable knowledge and a measurable advantage over those who stumble into the search unprepared. To set aside some time for a confidential talk, please click here.

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